UCSD RapidPlan Model Sharing

These models can be implemented by any RapidPlan user.  Download the .zip file for the associate site-specific model and then use the "Import" function in the Model Configuration workspace.  We of course hope you find them clinically valuable, but please respect the significant effort required to develop and validate these models by retaining the UC San Diego branding and associated descriptive documents upon import.  Contact Kevin Moore (kevinmoore@ucsd.edu) or Mariel Cornell (mcornell@ucsd.edu) with any questions or comments.


Disclaimer: These models represent automated planning routines developed and clinically tested at UC San Diego. The clinician downloading these models assumes all responsibility for the use of these routines in their clinical system. All resultant plans must be reviewed by qualified clinical personnel. Any risk associated with misapplication of these routines is assumed entirely by the end user.

UCSD Head-and-neck

Head-and-Neck - UC San Diego.zip

Head-and-Neck Model Description.pdf

101 head-and-neck plans

Beam configuration: 3- and 4-arc VMAT

UCSD Prostate

Prostate - UC San Diego.zip

Prostate Model Description.pdf

105 intact prostate plans

Beam configuration: 2-arc VMAT

UCSD Prostatic Fossa

Prostatic Fossa - UC San Diego.zip

Prostatic Fossa Model Description.pdf

50 prostatic fossa plans

Beam configuration: 2-arc VMAT

prostatic fossa screengrab.jpg


SBRT Left Lung - UC San Diego.zip

SBRT Left Lung Model Description.pdf

45 SBRT left lung plans

Beam configuration: 2- or 3-arc VMAT

UCSD SBRT Right Lung

SBRT Right Lung - UC San Diego.zip

SBRT Right Lung Model Description.pdf

49 SBRT right lung plans

Beam configuration: 2- or 3-arc VMAT

SBRT right lung screengrab.jpg


Coming soon...

Not RapidPlan, three separate standalone KBP systems

  • Isolated targets - 100 training patients, 3-arc noncoplanar VMAT
  • Involved targets - 56 training patients, 3-arc noncoplanar VMAT
  • Single-iso, multimet targets - hybrid KBP, 3-arc noncoplanar VMAT

See associated research articles here.

UCSD cervix

Coming soon...

86 training patients, 3 arc coplanar VMAT

UCSD SBRT pancreas

Coming soon...

45 training patients, 2 arc coplanar VMAT